Trust and communication are the two most important factors in the selection of business partners. Therefore, ensuring that your Utelier profile is as perfect as it can be is of utmost importance. 

The following easy steps can help you stand out and gain more project enquiries.


1. The images you use represent you and your company. Choose wisely and strategically. 

2. It is extremely Important that any image you use in your Profile - from your logo to your gallery/portfolio images - are clear and good quality.

3. Remember that your images are what a potential client will look at on your Profile before reading anything, so your images need to properly represent your business. Showcase what you specialise in by adding product images and give a glimpse of your working environment.

4. If potential clients can see that you have taken care and consideration in creating your Profile they are more likely to want to work with you, so take care and make the right decisions when uploading images. 

5. Potential clients must be able to clearly see what it is that you make. Take care when selecting the products to showcase on your Profile.

6. Do not upload too many images of the factory or machinery, as this will detract from your products. Focus on product images.

7. Logo Image sizes must be no larger than 100KB and be no larger than 250x250pxl. A JPEG or PNG format would be great.

8. Cover Image sizes must be no larger than 100KB and measure 1000x350pxl PNG or JPEG

9. Gallery/Portfolio Image sizes needs to be no bigger than 200KB and measure approx 800 x 600pxl PNG or JPEG

10. We reserve the right to remove any images that are deemed unsuitable or "fit for purpose". In the event of this happening, we shall endeavour to contact you and advise you to remove or replace such images within 24hrs. If we are unable to contact you or the images are not changed or removed, we reserve the right to delete them. 


1. A good quality write-up about your business is very important to the potential clients viewing your Profile. This is your chance to tell the world what it is that you do and what you specialise in. Be as clear and concise as possible to help potential clients gain a better understanding of your products.
Points to cover:

  • What is your company history or background? When was it founded, who by and where?
  • What do you do/make?
  • Do you specialise in anything? 
  • What products can you make?  
  • What materials do you work with or do NOT work with?
  • What stages of the design or manufacturing process to you offer services for? Ideas, pattern cutting, materials, sampling, production, shipping. 
  • What type of clients do you work with? i.e. students, start-ups, small businesses, etc.
  • If possible, it would be great to list any past or present clients you have worked with?  

2. Try to be as simpleand clearas possible in your language. If English is not your first language and you need help, use Google Translator, or email us at

3. Be concise when writing your Profile (100 words minimum).  Remember that it must be very clear to potential clients what it is you can help them make, design, advise.

4. If you are listing anything in your write up - i.e. a list of products you make or services you offer - please do this with bullet points instead of long sentences. A bullet-point list is much easier to read than a large block of text.

5. Include a space between paragraphs and topics that you are talking about. This helps make your Profile easier to read.

6. Be honest about any topics you mention in your Profile. Utelier is about being transparent and helping others achieve quality products - so be truthful please!


1. Is your contact email address correct?
2. Is your telephone number correct?
3. Is your address correct?
4. Have you written 100 words or more in your "About" section? 
5. Have you checked your grammar and spelling? Errors can make you appear unprofessional, so make sure you proofread your entire Profile.
6. Have you selected the correct Industry, Speciality and tags for your product? These are very important as this is how people will search and find you.